How to Plan a Cohesive Virtual Bridal Shower

2020 was eye opening for every single person around the world. Either you were affected by covid-19 or you had people who were or just didn’t, we all were part of a global pandemic shut down. And whilst you and I are immensely grateful to be here. It’s also important that we should love and appreciate our loved ones as much as we can. If you are a bride and you’ve had to postpone your wedding till 2021 – some countries are already shutting down for the second time.  If you intend to have a bridal shower, it’s tricky to set a date due to the constantly changing corona virus updates. As the pandemic continues to make large social gatherings unlikely over the next few months, more and more brides are turning to virtual bridal showers to still celebrate their pending nuptials with loved ones. Below are simple steps you can take to have a beautiful bridal shower virtually!

Choose Your Platform

Zoom has been the top choice for schools and businesses during quarantine, and it works nicely for a bridal shower as well. With the free version, you can host up to 100 participants for 40 minutes. Want a longer or larger shower? The paid plans are also super affordable. One huge bonus of the virtual shower: faraway friends and family members who may not have been able to travel for a shower will now be able to participate!

Send Formal Invitations

A virtual shower doesn’t have to be less formal than a regular one. Fight the urge to send an Evite just because the event is online. Make it feel more special by mailing printed invitations to all of your guests — Sage & Co Design offers plenty of gorgeous templates to choose from.



Set a Cohesive Background

Let’s face it — décor is a huge part of the bridal shower experience. Get everyone in the mood to party by sending a free virtual backdrop, which your guests can upload to their Zoom accounts.

bridal shower zoom background


Plenty of bridal shower games can easily be adapted to do over Zoom. A few examples from Sage & Co Design:


1. He Said She Said
2. Bridal Shower Scramble
3. What’s in Your Purse?
4. Over or Under
5. Find the Guest
6. Why do we do that?
7. Don’t Say Bride
8. Bridal Shower Bingo
9. What’s in your phone?
10. Bridal Shower Who Am I?
11. Match The Disney Love Song
12. How Well Do You Know The Bride-To-Be?
13. Bridal Shower Bingo
14. Would She Rather
15. The Price is Right
16. What Did The Groom Say?
17. How Old Was The Bride-To-Be?
18. Finish The Bride’s Phrase
19. Bridal Shower Emoji Pictionary
20. I Love You Around The World
21. Name That Cake
22. Porn of Polish
23. Guess Who? Bride or Groom?
24. Does The Bride Really Know The Groom?
26. Wedding A-Z
27. Bridal Word Search
28. Bridal Shower Scattergories
29. Chick Flick Quiz
30. Bridal Shower Wedding Libs
31. Who Am I?
32. Wedding Advice For The Bride
33. Date Night Ideas For The Couple
34. Recipe Card
35. Don’t Say “Wedding”


Whichever game you choose, send it to your guest before hand of if you do not want them to cheat, do it LIVE, so they have no opportunity to check it up!


Open Gifts

Your guests can easily ship gifts directly to your house. Prep the boxes beforehand by removing the tape and packing materials (but don’t peek at the gifts!); this will make the opening process on camera much smoother.

Don’t Forget Favors

Ship a favor to each of your guests to thank them for spending time with you.

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