A friend of actress, Mbong Amata, has dismissed claims made by her ex-husband and filmmaker, Jeta Amata, that the actress’s mum had tried to kidnap their daughter, Veno, from him on several occasions.


Recall that sometime last week, Jeta took to social media to raise alarm over the whereabouts of Mbong who he claimed has not been in touch with their daughter, Veno, since January 1st 2021. He also shared a video of Veno appealing to her mum to reach out to her.


Yesterday, he shared a post on his Instagram page in which he alleged that the actress’s mum had tried on several occasions to ”kidnap’ their daughter from him. Read here.


Well, a friend of the actress who is in the know of what is happening took to LIB’s IG page to dismiss Jeta’s claim. According to her, Jeta locked up Veno in a bad condition room and also used her as collateral in a hotel where he is currently staying. Read all she wrote below

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