A Nigerian lady has narrated how she lost a potential relationship after she jokingly told her ‘toaster’ that she doesn’t know how to cook.

The lady, identified as @_Hotjollof on Twitter, revealed that the man stopped chatting and talking to her because he can’t date or marry a lady with zero-cooking ability.

She said she tried to explain that she was only pulling his legs but he refused to give her audience and stopped picking her calls.

So, she devised a plan to get back at him for writing her off completely. According to her, she called him with another number and told him she was coming over to his house.

She said she bought the cooking ingredients for Oha soup and took it along. On her arrival, she prepared a mouth watering meal for him, which left him stunned because he thought she couldn’t cook.

After the meal, she poured out her heart to him, stormed out of his house and blocked his number. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!

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