Genevieve Magazine founder and publisher, Betty Irabor, has revealed that many people who had unfairly judged her, have reached out to apologize to after her book was released.

The book, Dust to Dew, chronicles Betty’s childhood to the birth of Genevieve magazine and her long battle with clinical depression. 

Taking to her official Facebook account on Monday, September 6, the mother of two recalls instances when people made insensitive comments particularly about her weight. 

Read her post below…

“My mood this week… Joy! If you find joy, embrace it! My heart goes to everyone who is hurting right now. I pray we all find the peace we desire,”


Truth is, we all need moments of introspection where we think deeply about our actions and reflect on our lives while carrying out an examination of conscience.


After my book Dust to Dew which chronicles my battle with depression was released many people who had unfairly judged me reached out to me to apologize. Many agreed that they hadn’t realized I was going through so much.


One lady in particular called me to say listening to one of my radio interviews made her realize how insensitive she was when she told me at an an event that I looked skinny


Oh, there were many of such scenarios until I finally decided to stop socializing. I felt so much rage that even when I got better I still couldn’t let go. I kept playing back the hurt that I felt when people insinuated that I got depressed because I was weak


I finally learnt to forgive and free myself from that burden after some moments of introspection and deep reflection. I pulled myself into gratitude mode and gradually began to heal


Healing comes from forgiving and not sitting in judgement over people that hurt us. We must be willing to give people the benefit of doubt


You cannot begin your journey to healing when you continue to hold on to bad memories which you ought to have buried


Every new day offers us a chance and opportunity to start afresh, to let go, to live life anew no matter what!


When life offers us a second chance we mustn’t squander it because second chances present us with opportunities to right our wrongs,learn and unlearn.


No matter what you’re going through, remember that every down day has an expiry date. Be gentle with yourself… Live your life intentionally… Sending you love. 


After my book which chronicles my battle with depression was released many people who unfairly judged me reached out to me to apologize - Betty Irabor