Man dies after his arm is ripped off by a shark while swimming

A young surfer has died after his arm was ripped off by a shark on a New South Wales beach in Australia.

 Man dies after his arm is ripped off by a shark while swimming

The man, who was in his late 20s, was attacked by the shark while swimming off Emerald Beach in Coffs Harbour at about 10.45am on Sunday. 


The man was heard shouting, ‘Help me,’ before brave locals got to him on the shore where they performed CPR before paramedics arrived. 


NSW Ambulance Inspector Chris Wilson described how the young man’s arm was torn off and his back covered in lacerations. 


‘A male in his approximate late 20s, sustained significant injuries to his upper body, which has resulted in major bl — I can’t even say that,’ the paramedic stuttered. 


‘It was a devastating for everybody on the beach this morning.  


‘A number of local surfers and bystanders came to the aid of this man, they were incredibly brave in a very challenging situation.’ 


 Man dies after his arm is ripped off by a shark while swimming


One witness told 9News: ‘I saw a lady run down… everyone was yelling (to) get out of the water.’


A helicopter lowered an emergency doctor onto the beach as paramedics tried desperately to revive the surfer in a makeshift ICU unit on the sand. 


Despite their gallant efforts, the young man sadly succumbed to his injuries at the scene. 


A surfer who said he witnessed the attack described hearing harrowing screams and said he soon saw a man without an arm with so much blood. 


‘He was shouting “help me” — people were trying to get him out to the shore,’ he told the Courier Mail. 


‘I saw paramedics performing CPR on him for about an hour and a half trying to save them.’ 


The keen surfer said he felt spooked by the gruesome scenes and said he didn’t plan  on returning to the popular beach for some time.  


‘The Westpac Rescue Helicopter winched in a critical care medical team onto the beach to continue treatment,’ Inspector Wilson said. 


‘The patient suffered a critical injury to his arm, but despite the best efforts of bystanders, paramedics and other emergency services, the patient couldn’t be revived.’ 


Emerald Beach will remain closed for 48 hours as police patrol the water.