It won

Tyson Fury has voved to annihilate Anthony Joshua while offering a withering assessment of his heavyweight rival. 


Fury sat down with former Manchester United defender Gary Neville as part of his Overlap series.


Neville, who spoke to Joshua four weeks ago, showed Fury a clip of his interview with Joshua in which the Watford-born fighter claims it was his opposition that backed out of a heavyweight unification bout. 


 It won


In the clip, Joshua says: ‘It’s not me, it’s the other side that are letting it down. 


‘We had the deal in place, we were the ones who found the venue, we were the ones who took the offer to them and they bailed out on not only me but also the boxing world. I’ll smoke that guy, I will.’


Morecambe-born heavyweight Fury almost laughs off Joshua’s trash talk before he gives a damning teardown of ‘southern w****r’ promoter Eddie Hearn. 


‘AJ couldn’t smoke a cigarette never mind the Gypsy King,’ Fury said. 


‘He hasn’t got the minerals to fight a man like me. I said to Eddie Hearn that the difference between me and him is that he’s a businessman and I’m a f*****g Spartan and I’ll show him that when I get in the ring.


‘I will absolutely annihilate that bodybuilder. It won’t go past six rounds, it will be over quickly. He knows that and his full team know it and that’s why Eddie Hearn has been steering round me for the last 10 years.’


Fury goes on to add that Hearn, who runs Matchroom Boxing, has previously had the chance to sign him to his catalogue of fighters but blocked it.


‘Eddie Hearn, he is a proper southern w****r,’ Fury added, sending Neville into a fit of laughter. 

‘I love to terrorise Eddie because he loves to talk s**t about people that he’s got nothing to do with. 


‘All Eddie Hearn’s ever done is talk rubbish about me because he knows it gets him hits and viewing figures in interviews. At the end of the day, what has he ever achieved in his life? He’s never been a boxer. He goes around like he’s world heavyweight champion but he ain’t. He’s just a businessman.’ 


Plans for a unification bout in Saudi Arabia collapsed and now both Fury and Joshua are in training camp for upcoming fights. 


Fury is facing American Deontay Wilder in a trilogy contest on October 9, while Joshua is taking on Oleksandr Usyk on September 25.