Lateef Adedimeji has described Mo Bimpe as a peaceful woman that any man will look forward to going home to.

The actor disclosed this in a recent interview with City People after being asked to spill the true state of his relationship with the actress.

“We are working now (Laughs)! There’s no secret wedding!! I haven’t done any weddings. I have not wedded before, so this is Lateef Adedimeji, a young single man, trying to do his thing.

My relationship with Adebimpe is amazing! When you work with someone and you see a lot of good in it, there’s no crime in you trying to hold on to the person. You can have like ten thousand people you work with, there would be special people that you know you connect with. It’s not that I haven’t worked with a lot of people but there’s is this chemistry that works for us and when you notice this as an actor or as a business person, you can only hold on to it. A lot of people have been asking are you guys dating? The only thing I can tell people is that, if you want to know the reality, don’t rush. With time you will know what’s true and what’s not true. For me, I keep my relationship away from social media and all of that for the reasons best known to me.

If you want to know about me and Bimpe, just take your time. If I’m marrying Bimpe you will definitely know. If I did a secret wedding you will definitely know. If I had married, why would I want to keep my marriage away from people? So if it’s Bimpe you will find out and if it’s not Bimpe, in no time you will definitely know.

What I look out for in a woman is basically, be reasonable. Be a problem-solving person. Be someone a man would be in trouble and walk up to you and without saying too much he can find a solution. A man must see a reason that’s he’s coming home to a peaceful woman. And Yes, Mo Bimpe has it now (laughs).

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Controversial crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has revealed he will always choose money over true love as he berates broke Instagram admirers.

According to him, any relationship that does involve money should not be considered, except the man will not have any romantic attachment with him, stating he did not come to Lagos to count bridge.

Bobrisky said that only a mad person would suggest a woman who has hustled throughout her life to settle for a poor or average man because of true love.

The crossdresser has attacked all the broke Instagram boys sliding into his dm without asking him to drop account details. Instead, he revealed they should hustle to make real money for themselves.

He wrote: