Top Nigerian comedian and actor, Bovi, has put his last son up for ‘sale‘ after the lad broke their TV set for the third time this year.

The comedian shared a video of him interrogating his crying son after he broke the TV and wrote;

”For sale! He’s broken the third TV in a year”.

Watch the funny video of the actor interrogating his son,

Not too long ago, the actor shared his 7-year-old daughter, Elena’s reaction to the viral scholarship prank.

In the viral challenge, Children trick their parents or guardian into making a video with them to solicit for funds for a scholarship worth thousands of dollars. While filming, the pranker would then mention that their parent was once involved in an illegal activity, in order to get their real-time reaction.

The father of two decided to switch things up and played the prank on his little girl, Elena. He convinced her that there was an opportunity to take a lucky child to Disneyland for 6 months and needs to make a convincing presentation on why she qualifies to go.

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