A Wadsworth woman identified as Melanie Pressley, has reunited with a son she gave up for adoption 33 years ago.

The mother who was overly excited to reunite with her son, revealed she spent more than three decades wondering about the son she put up for adoption.

According to her, she was 18 when she was pregnant with the boy, which was her first pregnancy. She knew she couldn’t take care of him financially, and she wanted him to grow up in a good home with all the comfort in the world, so she put him up for adoption as soon as she gave birth to him in 1988.

However, Melanie Pressley’s sister Lee Ann Dewey asked a nurse if she could hold Greg Vossler a day after he was born in 1988. She snapped a picture of him that day and it was all Pressley was left with for 33 years.

Since the parents who adopted her kid did a ‘closed adoption’ (closed adoption means you don’t know the new parents of the child ), all Pressley was left with was the single photograph of her newborn son her sister took.

News 5 reports that Pressley had gone on to marry and had more children, but she always wondered about her son, so she took a DNA test from 23andMe, which suggested a genetic match to her firstborn son – Greg Vossler.

Eventually, Vossler realized he was adopted and wanted to know more about his biological parents.

After he became a father himself, he opted to take a DNA test in 2019 to learn about his genetics since he couldn’t point to any medical history from his biological family.

He took a 23andMe test in 2019, Pressley took one in May 2021, and luckily the tests matched them together.

Pressley went on to message him the moment she realized it was an option on the website. Pressley said she first asked him his age and when Vossler’s response confirmed the June 17 birthday she had embedded in her memory, Pressley explained that she believed she is his birth mother.

Pressley and Vossler later exchanged mails and phone numbers and started sharing text messages. The mother and son finally met in person June 2021 at Pressley’s home in Wadsworth, Ohio.