Former ?Smallville? star, Allison Mack begins prison sentence early after being convicted in sex cult case

Former “Smallville” star, Allison Mack has began serving her prison sentence two weeks earlier than the scheduled date. 


The actress was sentenced to three years in prison for her role in the Nxivm sex cult, after she admitted to racketeering and conspiracy charges in April 2019, relating to her efforts to recruit women.


Nxivm, pronounced “nexium”, is a group that started in 1998 as a self-help programme and says it has worked with more than 16,000 people including the son of a former Mexican president and Hollywood actresses such as Mack.


Even with a tagline of “working to build a better world”, its leader Keith Raniere was found guilty of overseeing a “slave and master” system within the group.


While Raniere headed the structure and was the only man, Mack served as one of his top female deputies. Female recruits were allegedly branded with Raniere’s initials and expected to have sex with him, as part of the system.


Raniere and Mack were arrested in Mexico where they reportedly fled to as authorities began closing in on them in 2018.


The Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, CA, said the actress reported to the facility on Monday September 13. She was supposed to begin serving her sentence on September 29. After her release, Mack will be released under surveillance for another three years.


The correctional center Mack reported to was same facility Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman served their prison sentences after admitting their role in college admission scandals.