Popular dancer, Korra Obidi is reclaiming her ‘Blackness’ after being made to feel like a sellout for marrying outside her race. 


The Delta state-born performer is married to American chiropractor, Dr. Dean Justin and they both have a daughter together.  


Obidi, who is expecting her second child, took to Instagram on Tuesday September 14 to reveal that she has faced criticisms because she chose to be with a white man despite her being proudly black. 


She wrote;


“So, it’s no story I got married to a blued eyed, blonde American man and I get a lot of opinions daily about my choice of a partner,” 


‘Can’t believe you’re with him’
‘a nubian queen like you need some good D’ 


If you eat pineapples enough, you begin to smell like one.
I started to feel like a ‘sellout’,
Doubts and Questions Like ‘Korra,
if you are so black and proud, why did you marry ‘white’?

Then I remember, I didn’t choose love, Love chose me, it is divine and beyond me. And what I can’t control, shouldn’t make me feel less of me


Today I reclaim my Blackness!
Who I choose to love doesn’t make me less black 
Love who you want. Blue white or green. Love knows no color.

I am #blackAF straight from the motherland and that’s on my mother.