Meet the sweetest offer in town. OctaFX Show Your Mastery Giveaway

From MacBook Air to mouth-watering data vouchers, there is a prize for everyone.


We know you missed reading about OctaFX reward plans. Your most trusted forex broker has been cooking something, hence the absence.  

Oh! How you wanted to know what we’d be up to after announcing and rewarding the winners of the #DuallifewithOctaFX challenge some weeks back. Some winners got brand new phones as rewards; others got nice merch – branded OctaFX shirts and caps wrapped in boxes you’d love to have. 

Backstory: The international forex broker got young Nigerians to share short stories on their dual lives. The stories – of resilience and financial freedom – moved around being a photographer, designer or entrepreneur by day to trading forex by night. The turnout was huge!

It didn’t take too long before we got you talking again with Master Forex with OctaFX. For this, we brought your favourite celebrities and influencers on board to help you understand the processes behind forex trading and creating wealth from it. And how it’s soft, with dedication and practice. We made sure everyone got answers through engaging forex courses and directions on the OctaFX trading app. 


Meet the sweetest offer in town. OctaFX Show Your Mastery Giveaway


We know you are trading now. It’s just as important to reward you – for the efforts you put in to learn the ropes and become a pro forex trader! 

Enter OctaFX Show Your Mastery Giveaway . Yes, you stand a chance of winning something for yourself in the promotion, running from September 15 to October 15.

What do you have to do? It’s as simple as opening at least one order on your OctaFX app. That guarantees a chance at winning one of the Macbook Air laptops, Samsung A22 phones and N10,000 data voucher slips we’ll give out in the next few days. 

Yet to download the OctaFX app? Dash to Google Play and Apple App Store to download the app and get on the sweetest offer right now. 



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