Bride-to-be doubtful of covid-19 vaccine, spent her wedding day on a ventilator and will now have her funeral at the church where she was to be married

A bride-to-be who refused getting a covid-19 vaccine due to her doubts over it has now been killed by the virus.


Samantha Wendell, 29, became wary about being vaccinated when she listened to co-workers who told her that the shots can lead to infertility.


Wendell, a surgical technician then caught COVID, and had to spend her Aug. 21 wedding day on a ventilator.


Tragically,  she will now have her funeral at the church she was supposed to have been married in.

Infertility fears are among many COVID vaccine myths that are stopping people from getting the lifesaving shot. On the contrary, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urge pregnant women, who are more vulnerable to severe illness from a novel coronavirus infection, to make sure they get the shot.

“Misinformation killed her,” Wendell’s cousin, Maria Vibandor Hayes, told NBC News.


She “just kind of panicked” upon hearing the false claims, her fiancé, Austin Eskew, also 29, told NBC News.


“It is just not true that getting the COVID-19 vaccine is associated with infertility in either males or females,” Dr. Wen, an emergency physician and public health professor at George Washington University, told People.

Her fiance, Eskew also got COVID, but a milder case. His about to be bride Wendell did not have any underlying conditions.

 She deteriorated and was put on a ventilator and days later lost her battle with death.