Instagram brand influencer Laura Ikeji has bragged about paying the salary of a fan’s boss after she was advised to get an office job.

Laura Ikeji literally lives on Instagram, from sharing several family moments to advertising/influencing several brands on her page.

However, while reacting to Laura Ikeji’s photo on her page, a fan advised her to look for an office job.

The statement did not sit well with Laura Ikeji as she fired back at the fan, stating she would probably pay the boss of the fan with what she is doing on Instagram.

See conversation below:

Patricia 421407 wrote: Laura please go and look for office job o.

Laure Ikeji wrote: I’ll probably pay your boss with what I’m doing on Ig.

 Kemi Filani News recalls that Laura Ikeji recently came under criticism after ridiculing a troll and questioning her lifestyle.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Laura Ikeji questioned why trolls don’t look hot or sophisticated.

Laura Ikeji added she’s always surprised at how most trolls look but always quick to mock people whose lifestyle is more than theirs.

Reacting to this, social media users slammed Laura Ikeji, pointing out that she looks prettier without face makeup or filter than Laura Ikeji.

ireti doyle

Veteran actress Ireti Doyle has taken to social media to advise fans on what to look out for when deciding on a next of kin.

According to the actress, people should not base their concerns on who would inherit their properties after they are gone when deciding a next of kin, but who can make life and death decisions in their absence or when they are unable to do so for themselves.

While buttressing her point, she mentioned that family members, spouses, siblings, the individual’s child or guardian should not automatically be given some certain privilege as a next of kin.

However, her revelation of deciding a next of kin is a result of some vital reasons which are yet to be disclosed by the actress.