Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has issued stern warming to her fans and colleagues using fake Instagram accounts to send her a message and threaten her.

This comes after Tonto Dikeh started publicizing a blogger on her page and urging her followers to follow the page on Instagram.

This generated mixed reactions from many colleagues who claimed Tonto Dikeh was broke and probably publicized the blog for self-interest.

Reacting to this, Tonto Dikeh, in a post shared on her Instagram page, said people should stop stressing her else she would publish the messages sent to her.

Tonto Dikeh stated that being born again has nothing to do with her inner craze as she would deal with those using fake pages to send her messages.

She wrote: I heard am broke so how am I suppose to pay a blogger or be on the money side and not be in money… See y’all don’t stress me or I publish your freaking dms. Being born again has nothing to do with my inner craze.

From Adam I don’t fuck with y’all… God bless who ever y’all supports or supported me…regardless I win. What I ain’t gonno take is knowing that your fake account and not chocking my hands in your eyes…

From A-Z I will deal with anyone who comes to me, so, y’all keep streaming the fake accounts… If I catch you we die togther and that’s on your parents grave.

And I’ll always still remain the #Jesusgirl if you are born well enough, write with your real accounts… I’ll slap, beat the living day light out of your demons… ooo and beating of demons dey bible. Am from the south side of the kingdom, don’t mess with Poko.

A number of countries across the world over the past months have considered creating their digital currencies, which has been on the increase with the coming of cryptocurrencies.

One of the features of cryptocurrencies that have been seen as a disadvantage by different governments across the world is the lack of control; this has made many countries resorted to creating a digital currency they can monitor and have control over it.

For this reason, Nigeria, through the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN, joined 80 other countries in the quest to have its digital currencies.

According to the records, the Bahamian Sand Dollar is the…