One of the widows of Dr Tosin Ajayi, Helen Prest, has expressed mixed feelings over her birthday celebration, notwithstanding she’s grateful to God for the new age.

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, Helen Prest said she is thankful to God for preserving and upholding her through the trauma of the past year and surrounded her with angels at every point.

Helen Prest revealed that someone contacted her to have a photoshoot with her a few days ago, but she objected to it, saying she had no time, but when the stylist revealed her birthday was 17th September, she felt it was divine.

According to Helen Prest, her birthday is no longer the same as she recalls how her husband gives her surprises during her birthdays, however, her children carried out the tradition by giving her a surprise.

She wrote: Today is the first day of my 365 day journey. I look back and glorify God for his faithfulness, for preserving me and upholding me through the trauma of the past year. He surrounded me with Angels at every point. I truly got to understand the meaning of psalm 91:11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee… 91:12 They shall bear thee up in their hands lest thy dash thy foot against a stone.

My latest angel is a darling young girl @sisihannah_ who contacted me a few days ago and said ‘Aunty Helen, I’m a stylist can I do a photo shoot with you with you?” I said “no, really I don’t have time for that now”, but when she revealed that her birthday was September 17th I thought, now that’s divine!

Of course my birthday will not be the same without Doc’. Whenever anyone asked me what are you doing for your birthday? I would answer, I don’t know. My birthday was always a surprise. The one day I get to do nothing. My late husband was organiser in chief and co-conspirator with the girls. Don’t ask me what I’m doing today, the girls have carried on the tradition of giving me a surprise. It’s too late for me to change now.

Even though it’s bittersweet I celebrate today in gratitude. I am grateful for the gift of good health, a loving family, good friends and of course my angels. I wish all my September birth brothers and sisters joyous celebration!

Professor Yemi Osinbajo who is the Vice President of Nigeria has advised preachers in Nigeria to pay Pentecost Tax.

The Nation’s VP who is also a clergy man at Redeemed Christian Church of God spoke in Lagos on Friday during an event.

According to Yemi Osinbajo, persons who succeed in their endeavours owe society three forms of taxes. 

He explained further that the first is income taxes (personal income tax), and corporation tax for company owners.

The second, he noted, is a social tax or philanthropy, which is the obligation of the wealthy to give back…