A Nigerian content creator, @omowumi__ on Instagram asked her followers to share the craziest thing they did after breaking up with their partners.

@omowumi__ asked both ladies and gentlemen to share their experiences and made separate posts for each of them and while most of the stories shared were indeed crazy, the story of one 35 year old Ifeanyi seemed to stand out as the craziest of the crazies.

Ifeanyi, in his story, revealed that he was already engaged with his then partner but she called off their engagement because of his height. According to him, he’d proposed marriage to her and she said yes, only for him to wake up one day to a lengthy message from her telling him why they can’t get married.

He shared that the lady gave the excuse of the both of them being short and as such, she didn’t want to give birth to dwarf kids — as compensation for his heartbreak, Ifeanyi revealed that he hired kidnappers to abduct her father and collected a handsome ransom.

Here’s what he wrote,

I was already engaged with Tinu before she told me she wasnt interested anymore because of my heaight. We started dating at 100 level in the university, I proposed 7 years later and she said yes. Only for me to wake up to a long message from her telling me that the marriage cannot work because we are both short and she doesn’t want to give birth to dwarves. After begging her for so long, she refused to change her mind.

The follow week, I entered Mushin to pick two hefty boys and gave them 10k each to help me kidnap her father. They took him to an unknown location before I called the family to demand a ransom of 10 million naira. That was money for the gifts, time wasted, heartbreak, and the shame she brought upon me. I ended up collecting 5 million naira which wasn’t bad actually.

Here’s @omowumi__‘s post on IG,