Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer has revealed that nothing can separate her from her husband, Olakunle Churchill, even if he is guilty of infidelity.

Rosy Meurer disclosed this in her latest interview with Media Room Hub stating she’s never going to leave her husband over any side chick concerns.

When posed with the question of what she would do if she found herself in a situation where she felt the need to call out her husband on social media.

Rosy Meurer said she would never call out her husband on social media or bring her personal life to social media.

According to Rosy Meurer, her husband does not cheat, and peradventure he cheats, she will forgive him because they have a child together.

In her words: “I would never call my husband out on social media. I would never bring my personal life to social media. I also don’t believe my husband would cheat on me because I trust him, but if he does and he’s remorseful, I would forgive him because we have a child together, and we have agreed we are staying together forever.

I don’t think there’s anything that can make me leave my husband, not even for a side chick. I’m the main chick . I’m the boss. I’m the side chick; I’m everything to him. That’s all that matters to me.

Williams Uchemba

Fans of Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba has showered praises on him after he transformed the life of a widow living in an incomplete building for 21 years with her children.

Sharing a video of the old apartment, Williams Uchemba reveals that water floods the widow’s home and makes her sick whenever it rains.

Williams Uchembas said he had wanted to move them out of the building, but he later decided to rebuild and finish the house since it is the only property her husband left behind.

The actor expressed appreciation to everyone who had supported the project and prayed that the windows of heaven would be open for them.

He captioned the video:…