Yoruba gospel singer Lanre Teriba Atorise has been called out by his baby mama over his alleged refusal to pay his child’s school fees.

Another violence has sprung up just a few days to the end of September as Lanre’s baby mama spilt the beans after several attempts to call the gospel artist to order by social welfare officers.

In a post shared on Instagram, she attacked Lanre and called him a broke man for refusing to take responsibility for his children, especially their school fees, since his primary responsibility is to splash millions on cars and several women. In addition, she said she was misinformed by Lanre Teriba, who blatantly lied he was no more with his first wife after acting all nice and declining her from working outside the country, only to end up frustrated by the man who had begged for her heart for a year and 6 months before she agreed to date him.

After waiting for a long while, she decided to borrow money from a friend to enrol her three-year-old child in school, but Lanre insisted the children be sent to a public school after being dragged out of school due to payment.

Speaking further, she said he has failed as a father and husband but showcases his hypocrisy in public, bringing shame to all shepherds and gospel artists found in white garment churches.

She wrote:

@jidesanwoolu Dear governor sir it’s time you make it a criminal offense, when a father denials a child access to education for no reason. Cause because of fathers like lanre teriba Atorise some kids has become arm robbers and prostitute n that’s what is splitting the country more. He’s bend at blaming the government for everything on his musical videos while he goes about lying to ladies he’s no more with his first wife and put them in family ways, abuse dem, neglect dem and block every access of them making it in life .. Lanre teriba collected my passport refuse me from traveling out with my client before the kids were involved, after the kids God brought back this woman, he made sure we disagreed and made her his friend n my own enemy. Our first child together, Diamond first school fees was borrowed from my friend when he refuse the boy education n when he was already 3 n couldn’t talk n I had to borrow money to enroll him that took lanre 6month to pay it when it was made public cause that’s the only language he understand… All I need naw is my children future, lanre teriba told social welfare officers that he want to take three years and two years to public school because I decided to leave his wayward life before I get infected with STD and besides he does absolutely nothing for me….

uche jombo