Popular Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has described himself as a woman with manhood and says he’s proud of it.

The controversial transvestite stated this while sharing a beautiful photo of himself donned in a white dress on his verified Instagram page.

According to James Brown, he’s a woman in a man’s body and he’s not ashamed of it, but instead put it into good use.

“Im a WOMAN 👩 with a D**k & I’m not ashamed of it instead I became a Princess 👸 with it”, he wrote.

This is coming after James Brown publicly stated that he’s proud to be a man but decided to become a crossdresser because of the situation of the country.

In his words,

“I will always be a man 👨 a proud one because men are ruler so don’t be quick to judge 👨‍⚖️ Brethren

However, when a follower disagreed with James’ assertion and questioned his social media persona, he said, “There is no work in this country .. when i use to act like a man, i earn 10 thousand a month but now i make times 10 a week”.