A Nigerian lady has cried out bitterly over her philandering boyfriend who doesn’t seem remorseful over the fact that he is a serial cheat.

She reached out to YabaleftOnline on Whatsapp and revealed that she’s heartbroken with everything that’s happening in her relationship.

In her words;

I’m heartbroken ooo

My boyfriend cheats on me with different girls and doesn’t even feel remorseful about it

When we started dating we were struggling but glory be to God today we are comfortable because we are both into business but the annoying part is that he takes money from the joint account and spends recklessly and he cheats like there’s no tomorrow

He has never gotten me a gift even pure water but on his birthday I used my school fees to buy gifts for him

Just found out that he bought a watch of 30k+ for his side girlfriend and even planning to get her an iPhone while me I’m using Android phone

I found out yesterday that he was in a hotel with another girl and went there this morning (he had never taken me to a hotel before). He came down shouted at me and left me out there.He has never given me money from his personal account before but he spends on girls.

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