Sean Edward Hartman biography, net worth, age, wife – Birgen Anika Hartman

There are children to celebrity parents who would love to use the influence of their parents to their advantage, especially when it comes to fast-tracking their career and making names for themselves as well.

The same can not be said about Sean Edward Hartman, who is a Canadian American artist, graphic designer, writer and voice artist.

For many who may not know, Sean Edward Hartman is the son of late Canadian-American actor Phil Hartman and actress cum model Brynn Hartman.

Perhaps the tragic death of his parent is what made him stay away from the media and prefer to live a private life as very little is known about him.

This article is focused on what you should know about Sean Edward Hartman, continue reading to see more.

Profile Summary

Name Sean Edward Hartman
Gender Male
Date of birh 17th June 1989
Place of birth Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia
Age 32 in 2021
Nationality American
Profession Actor, writer, voice artist, graphic arts designer
Sibling 1
Net worth $1 million

Sean Edward Hartman’s Biography

Sean Edward was born on the 17th of June 1989 in Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbian, to late Canadian–American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic designer Phil Hartman and Actress Brynn Hartman.

The story of his parent’s death remains a tragic one to date; the reports revealed that on the 28th of May 1998, Brynn Hartman, Sean Edward’s mother, shot Phil, her husband and later shot herself, leaving the kids to be orphans.

Sean Edward Hartman and his sister Birgen Anika Hartman were nine and six years old, respectively, when they lost their parents. They, however, grew up under the care of their aunt and uncle, Katherine and Mike Wright, who did not have any kids of their own.


Sean Edward finished from Edina High School after which he proceeded to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to learn more about arts and design.


After his graduation, Sean Edward Hartman went on to take jobs as an artist intern for a number of companies.

He also has interest in music and has been involved in the art since when he was in high school as he was a member of several bands such as Metamorphic Mexico; Sean also plays keyboards for the Moonstone Continuum band.


Sean Edward lives a private life as such there is no detail on whether he is married or not.

Net worth

Sean Edward reportedly has a net worth of $1 million; the reports also revealed his parent left him and his sister their estate worth $1.23 million. They were to receive 25 per cent of It when they turn 25 after bathing their first degree and the rest when they turn 30.


Sean Hartman currently lives in Oakland, California, where he works as a musician and graphic artist.