Your only complain was stomach ache and that

Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has taken to Instagram to pen down a tribute to her mother. 


The actress disclosed that the last time she heard about her mother was her complaining of stomach ache. Recounting how she received insults, abuse and embarrassment on social media just to make sure her mother didn’t beg for food, she stated that she feels fulfilled knowing her mum is in a better place.


Nkechi further revealed that her mother was a “landlady in Lagos but couldn’t wait” to see the house. She begged her to return asshw  has refused to accept that she is no more. 


The actress wrote; 


My greatest Fear, Mummy you shouldn’t have Hmmmmmm…You know if the doctors asked for money to keep you alive I would have begged the world to help me save you.

But you left in a flash,Your only complain was Stomach ache…And Dts the last I heard of you..I went to bed thinking I would wake up from this dream, but it’s indeed a reality that you left me 5 days to your birthday  Afianma You were a warrior.

You had me at your back and said Nkechi you are unstoppable…Now that you have left me how do I face the world? Everyone around me knew I lived all my life for you,I receive insults,abuse,embarrassment on this app just to make sure you do not beg for food,I am fulfilled knowing you are in a better place

 But it hurts that you didn’t even wait to see your birthday Gift mama the one I was working endlessly day and night to Build for you,Mama You are a landlady in Lagos and you couldn’t even wait to see it, Haaaa They said I should be strong Okay I will…But you didn’t do well at all mama you didn’t. Return if Possible mummy Because I refuse to accept the fact that you are No more 

Your only complain was stomach ache and that