Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has expressed his indifferent attitude towards those that don’t like him and his personality, stating that everyone is not bound to show you love no matter how perfect you are.

It is no news he allegedly got involved in an extramarital affair with his colleague, Judy Austin, which resulted in a baby. However, his reactions to the allegation prove he never wanted people meddling in his affairs.

Displaying his apathy, he said snitching on those that talked bad about him is not necessarily his concern as it is not a topic of discussion to dwell into, stating he has other crucial matters to deal with like the endless problems of the country which has refused to bring forth a remedy.

In his post, he said people must talk about whether you have done them bad or good; hence it is left for them to make a decision on what to perceive of him.

He wrote:

Don’t tell me what they said about me.
It’s not necessary.
People must talk, so allow them to talk.
And not everybody will like you no matter how good you are, so it’s not even a topic for discussion.
Tell me how we can make our country work.
Cos we die here.