Nollywood actor, Rotimi Salami has requested people’s opinions after making a shocking statement regarding the irrelevance of running a paternity test on a child.

The DNA test is not necessary unless a man is dragging your child or claiming ownership of the child, adding that a man who is raising a child does not need to find out the paternity of the child.

In a shared post, a father is different from a sperm giver, while a father shoulder the responsibility of a child, the sperm giver is just a mere contact of reproduction.

Every child is a child, hence fathers should save themselves from unnecessary heart attacks and protect the child’s emotions.

He has urged his fans to drop their opinions regarding the issue.

The post reads:

I honestly think DNA test is not important unless someone is dragging ur child with you. If you have a child you’re u don’t need to gom finding out the paternity, every child is a child.

A father is someone who raised a child not necessarily the sperm giver. Save urself the heart attack n protect that child’s emotions too.

He wrote:

What do you think?