Nollywood actress, Lilian Gabriel has narrated how she was defrauded by a man who posed to be prophet in Asaba, Delta state.

In the video which she shared on social media, Lilian revealed she met the man while she was returning from a movie set when he started telling her things about her, and shockingly they were true.

He then told her he saw a vision about her, he stated that God has seen her struggles since the death of her parents and about to wipe her tears.

He asked if she believed in God and told her to bring her ATM card so he could pray on it as her miracle will come via a financial breakthrough.

Lilian said she gave her ATM card to him and he prayed on it and asked her to immediately place it back in her purse. Little did she know the supposed prophet had exchanged her ATM card for a fake card.

On her way home she started receiving debit alerts from her phone as the man who is a suspected fraudster had hacked into her account and made withdrawals of all her life savings.

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