Popular comedian and activist, Debo Adedayo better known as Mr Macaroni, has taken to Twitter to express disappointment in the Nigerian Police Force.

He berated the Nigerian police for allegedly operating illegal checkpoints, especially at night, and extorting unsuspecting citizens of their hard-earned money.

According to him, despite the untold hardship in Nigeria, these officers are still collecting money from Nigerians who are working hard to survice.

He wrote on Twitter,

“Nigerian Police Force with illegal checkpoints especially at night. Harassing and extorting Nigerians of their hard-earned money. Despite the hardship Nigerians are going through, police go still come collect the small wey you manage hustle. Shameless!!!”

See his tweet below,

Mr Macaroni slams

In other news, Mr Macaroni has made shocking revelation about his university education.

The comic act in a Twitter post revealed he attended four different institutions before he finally completed his degree program.

According to him, at some point people were starting to think he had spiritual problems, but his parents stood by him and supported him all through.

In the tweet, while praying that his parents reap the fruit of their labour he wrote,

“I went to four different universities. And all through those years, my parents stood by me. Even when some people were telling them that I had spiritual problems. May all our parents reap the fruits of their labor and sacrifice. Amen”.