A e-hailing driver has been given monetary donations from well meaning Nigerians after a passenger shared a positive ride experience with him.

One Ore Afolayan took to his LinkedIn to share the story on behalf of the passenger who had the experience. Afolayan shared how the said passenger, was impressed with how the driver treated him — the driver’s car had sweets, soda, nuts, bottled water, and Wi-Fi that passengers could use for their convenience.

Unlike many other platforms he had used, that of this driver’s taxi took him by surprise. Afolayan shared that the passenger updated his phone with the free Wi-Fi connection and took to social media to tell everyone of his experience.

After the Twitter user shared his experience, people decided to donate money for the driver for his exemplary service and his bank account detail was shared online.

Afolayan shared photos and wrote,

”Yesterday, a Twitter User used an e-hailing service. He was paired with one of the drivers on the platform and they connected. Unlike many other platforms he had used, this driver’s taxi was mind-blowing.

There were sweets, nuts, soda and a wifi in the car. All of these were freebies for a rider. It was unbelievable.

After his ride – where he had updated his phone with the free wifi service, the Twitter User went back to the Internet and told everyone of his discovery. It was unbelievable. Other people who had had an encounter with the driver shared their experiences.

Before long, conversations about monetary donations started to help the driver restock his freebies’ cabinets. His account details was shared online and trust empathetic Nigerians to start donating.

The donations poured and poured. Via a WhatsApp message, he thanked the Twitter User, the donors and wished them all well. Asides the freebies, he was said to be polite and his car had a nice scent.”