A Twitter user has shared how a neighbor of his told his late mom that she won’t get the chance of raising her children, and now she’s late.

The Twitter user, with handle, @ANecklaceNtsane revealed the story in reaction to a post of another Twitter user who advised people to stop hating others because they had problem with their parents.

The Twitter user wrote;

“Dear Cousins‼️Don’t Inherit Your Parent’s Grudges You Know Nothing About,Reconcile And Maintain The Peace.Break The Hate Cycle”.

Reacting and disagreeing to the statement, Ntsane disapproved the Twitter user while sharing his own experience.

“Nah man i don’t agree with that or let me say it depends on what circumstances coz i ones heard my neighbor told my late mom that she won’t get a chance of raising her children and now my mom she dead bro😓”, he wrote.