A Twitter user has taken to the platform to share a rather interesting encounter between a soldier, a married woman and her husband.

According to her narrative, the married woman and the soldier were involved in an accident which led to her confronting the soldier and physically assaulting him but at the time of the confrontation, it was unbeknown to her that he was a soldier.

The married woman landed three heavy slaps on the soldier’s face and while still arguing with him, he asked her to call her husband to the scene, who eventually came.. but didn’t know he was coming to face total embarrassment.

The Twitter user with handle, @temitop_ shared on her page,

“May we not end up with partners that will bring us shame.

So this woman was driving and somehow she and another car collided. In the heat of her anger, she got out of her car and landed the driver of the other car two hot slaps across his face.

The man calmly entered his car parked it in a way that blocked off the road, then he came down and told the woman to call her husband to come or they were both not leaving that place.

She maintained her saucy attitude, insulting him and called her husband to come over to take her side against the man. The husband finally arrived, and the man explained to the husband that he is a soldier and he couldn’t hit her back for assaulting him—her blood immediately ran cold.

He then looked to the woman and told her he’d let them go if she slapped her husband the way she slapped him they began to plead with him and beg to no avail. He calmly said that was all he asked and he’d leave them.

The woman having no other choice, turned to her husband gave him the first two slaps; the soldier shook his head and told her it must have the same intensity with which She slapped him earlier.

She gave him another set of slaps and the soldier once more shook his head—at this point she was already weeping seriously. She gave him another set of slaps; this time harder than the first four.

And the soldier nodded, got back into his car and drove off.

Her dazed husband, with stinging cheeks pivoted on his heels and walked away from her as she was begging him profusely on knees.

And so she sat there crying and heaving at her folly and the embarrassment she brought upon her husband. Don’t want to imagine what happened after”.