Popular Nigerian rapper Illbliss is celebrating his wife, Munachimso as she turns a year older today.

The rapper took to his IG page to share stunning photos of his family and expressed his love and gratitude to his wife, who he says fixes and makes him better.

Illbliss added that while the world sees his success, they don’t know how much advise, support, belief and prayers she gave to make it all happen.

He wrote,

My Queen is a Year + today.
Happy Birthday from Paapa and our adorable munchkins
We are Sooooo Blessed to have you in our lives. With every year we love you and appreciate You more and more.
I DON’T Know what to write about you
I Love You to the moon, the Stars and the planets… then back to Earth.
The world keeps seeing my wins and success. They don’t know how much advise, support, belief and Prayers you give to make it all happen. I am a mess sometimes, uncertain and undecided But You Fix me and make me better. They don’t know how much sacrifices you make to Keep us all running.
Today.. we are so grateful to God Almighty for you my baybee. My Wonder Woman My Michelle Obama, Nwunye Oga Boss!!!!!!

More photos he shared as you scroll,