Former Big Brother Naija Housemate, Vee Iye has reacted to the recent viral TikTok challenge that is breaking the internet where participants are captured pouring foods on their bodies.

The Nigerian community has finally jumped on another crazy challenge that has been trending for the past few days on Tik Tok. With the huge cost of food commodities in the country, Tik Tokers are wasting food items like rice, palm oil, Eba on their bodies while doing the video.

In reaction to a trending video where a lady who participated in the viral video poured Eba all over her body got Vee talking as she revealed that some parents are offering vigils on behalf of their children, meanwhile they continue to showcase madness on the popular app due to the challenge.

She wrote:

Some parents are at night vigil back to back, only to find out that their kids are doing Eba exfoliation on the internet.