Popular Nigerian IG Comedian, MC Edopikin showered his wife with encomium on their 2nd wedding anniversary.

He took to his social media page to share photos of them together, taken over the past two years, and he praised her in the caption ;

In his words ;

* two heavy years of the 21th century
* and With you in my life I never had to face penury
*you will forever remain my rest of mind
* to marry you a thousand times I will , just forever you be mine
* With your character and behavior most Divine
* to you my love these accolades I can’t deny
*black is beautiful
* but your fairness of heart
remains wonderful
* virtuous and righteous are less of words to describe you my most precious
*to you Milady I give my surname
* and you gave my life a name
* The social media went down for few hours yesterday
* but our love kept us connected for 730days
* Thus you are a wife most connected than a WiFi
* even as a Ghanaian to you my love I go wife am
HAPPY TWO YEARS ANNIVERSARY TO US, my Enifome , my precious pearl , my mo’cherrie , my rest of mind