Popular Kayanmata seller and Entrepreneur, Hauwa Saidu, popularly known as Jaruma has thrown a shade on other tribes concerning their devotion to the election in 2023.

KemifilaniNews recalls the former Presidential Reno Omokri has mocked the western and eastern regions for dedicating time to trivial things that would not be of benefit to them.

This comes after the conclusion of one of the biggest African reality shows, the Big Brother Naija platform which accommodates people to vote in the viewer’s choice.

According to Jaruma, the energy poured into voting in reality shows should be channeled to the upcoming elections; this is because people’s choices will decide the fate of the country in the coming years.

The Kayanmata seller said the northerners are already planning to hold power again in 2023 and other tribes are busy watching reality tv shows and voting for their favorites.

She wrote:

E pain u….????? Is Jaruma’s post so painful……?????? Well, if ur so damn hurt then COME OUT & VOTE 2023 or even better, COME OUT & RUN FOR OFFICE…..!!!!! FIX NIGERIA FROM THIS MISERY 🇳🇬 Swipe Left to see what Mr Reno said then swipe Left & BEHOLD THE NORTHERNER JARUMA NIGERIA’S HONORABLE MINISTER OF PETROLEUM & FINANCE 👑 Big Daddy