Fitness expert and footballer Christopher Ogbonna Kanu has surprised his wife Laura Ikeji with a new iPhone after their kids broke her Samsung.

In a post shared on Instagram, Laura Ikeji revealed her children broke her Samsung phone and had told the husband that if they had damaged her iPhone, which is meant for her work, he would have paid for it.

However, her husband surprised her by replacing the Samsung with an iPhone, and she now has two iPhones.

She captioned the post:I told him his kids broke my Samsung phone, and that if they had broken my iPhone which is my work phone, he’ll pay!! oh well, he came back now and replaced my small Samsung with an iPhone, now I have 2 iPhone pro max. Thanks baby (wondered why the help was filming initially ) @ogbobekee1 : I love gifts. Who wants my old iPhone?

Kemi Filani News recalls that Laura Ikeji recently came under criticism after ridiculing a troll and questioning her lifestyle.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Laura Ikeji questioned why trolls don’t look hot or sophisticated.

Laura Ikeji added she’s always surprised at how most trolls look but always quick to mock people whose lifestyle is more than theirs.

Reacting to this, social media users slammed Laura Ikeji, pointing out that she looks prettier without face makeup or filter than Laura Ikeji.