Nollywood actress Mary Njoku has averred that nobody should help any Nigerian except their children and great-grandchildren.

This comes after her colleague Ruth Kadiri in a post shared on Instagram, slammed celebrities supporting corrupt politicians and citizens eager to hear and read bad news about Nollywood stars instead of the country’s issue.

According to Ruth Kadiri, Nigerians do not derve any help in fighting politicians.

Reacting to this, Mary Njoku, who publicly declared she would still love to be a Nigerian in her next life a few days ago, said a person should not help people who don’t want to be helped.

According to Mary Njoku, people should be more concerned about their children and family because Nigeria’s fight is eternal.

She wrote: Do not help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped. Except your children. Dem no dey force horse drink water. There are many other people who would appreciate it. Focus your energy on those.

Nigeria fight no dey finish, do your part for your great, great grandchildren ( journey is long) and leave the rest for other Patriots.