Nollywood actress, Mosun Filani Oduoye has shared her pre-natal picture on social media as she prays for all mothers and expecting mothers.

It is no news that the pregnancy challenge is currently trending on social media and the actress had jumped on the challenge to show fans her shocking pre-natal photo.

While sharing the photo on her Instagram page, she revealed pregnancy humbled her as the change and transformation that comes with the process is magical and unpredictable.

Appreciating the effect of pregnancy, she depicted the different changes a woman is likely to experience; before marriage, pre-natal and post-natal stages in a shared photo.

However, she stressed that during her pregnancy, she grew bigger especially in the nose and lips.

Speaking further, she appreciates mothers who have passed through that challenging stage and those that are currently passing through it.

She wrote:

Even me sef I shock
8months and a week gone in that pics.
Pregnancy will humble u.
The kind of changes ur body will experience is so unpredictable.
God bless all mothers.
We shall live to enjoy the fruits of our labour.