Famous brand influencer and Entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji has made a tattoo on her wrist to express her recent struggles since the beginning of the year.

Taking to Instagram, she revealed the year has been mentally draining even though it has been financially favorable to her than other years.

According to the online influencer, the motivation behind the tattoo is based on the mental struggle she had to pass through while working on some projects that have proved difficult to conclude.

Laura said in those periods of difficulties, she kept ringing to her head never to give up or get swallowed by any form of stress.

Despite the mental stress, she compensated herself by ascribing a reminder that would fuel up the motivation to keep forging ahead regardless.

She wrote:

This year has been a lil crazy for me, very financially rewarding tho , infact more financially rewarding than any other year, but mentally tough. More money more problems I guess 😂.
I’ve been working on a few projects this year and they’ve been difficult to finish, things have not just been adding up, and the few words that comes to my head re, you’ve got this Laura, don’t fall, don’t get swallowed, don’t give up, YOU VE GOT THIS . N yeah, I got it written yesterday at @bizzyaski tattoo parlor (btw my tattoo is neatly done, and ur parlor is clean, and the artist? pro!) No matter what, I’ve got this.
I needed the affirmation.