A Nigerian lady, identified as Edidiong Asikpo, has taken to social media to show off the massive loads of gifts she received from her boyfriend for her 23rd birthday.

The lady with social media handle @didicodes, turned a new age on Tuesday, October 6th, and her man spent millions of naira to give her the best birthday any girl could wish for.

According to her, she received 10 gift boxes which contained luxurious gift items and would be visiting 6 European countries to celebrate her birthday. She also received a cheque of N1,062, 021 which denotes her birthday date.

Nigerian lady writes

Read the full details below,

“It is that time of the year again and this man understands the assignment every single time. 🥺

My man got me some really fantastic gifts for my birthday. (Swipe to the pictures and check my story for the videos and more gifts 💃🏾)

Yesterday was my birthday (6/10/21) and the gifts followed the theme. 6 Countries/Experiences and 10 boxes with different gifts. 🤯😋😍

So the 6 experiences will be happening in 6 countries. OMG Exploding head

* Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Berlin, Germany
* Ibiza, Spain
* Milan & Venice in Italy
* Paris, France
* Santorini, Greece

I can’t wait to see Messi (The GOAT) physically and also watch a Ballet show for the first time.

Santorini? Whatttttttt!

Box 1 (Romantic gifts)

* An “I love you bum” mug
* A necklace that shows he loves me in many languages
* A cute teddy bear
* A sunshine themed bouquet of flowers

Box 2 (Food & wine)

It’s how he knows I love food for me.

* A birthday dinner
* Weekend at Lagos Continental with my friends
* Baileys (My favourite drink)
* Creamy chocolates including Ferrero rocher

* All variants of fox cookies (PS: I fucking love fox cookies)
* Harvey Nicholes cookies
* Wine by Lamborghini (OMG!)

Box 3 (Gifts for my body)

It’s so intentional how he picks up the little details. I’ve always talked about how I wanted to lose weight on my arms and get back the flat tummy I once had.

* Waist trainer
* Arm treamer
* 6 months gym subscription

Fitfam here we go.

Box 4 (Clothes & wears)

* Dinner gowns
* Ashewo clothes, because I’m his personal ashewo
* Lounge clothes
* Night wears

… and a customized beach hat and bag (Can y’all see “The Drip” in there. #BestGiftEver)

I can’t wait to wear these clothes!!!!!!

Box 5 (Accessories)

* Swarovski Necklace
* Gucci sunshades
* A yellow Fenella Smith Purse (because I’m obsessed with yellow).

Box 6 (Perfumes & personal grooming)

* Burberry Weekend perfume
* Carolina Herrera’s VERY GOOD GIRL perfume
* Michael Kors sexy perfume
* L’OCCITANE hand creams (I sweat on my palm most times and my thumbprint takes forever to work. I really hope this works. )

Box 7 (Shoes, Bag & Wow!)

* Michael kors Lace-up boots (The cutest boots ever)
* A customized Michael Kors wristwatch (OMG!)
* A Picard backpack (I’m gonna use this today, lol)

Box 8 (Books for your mind)

It’s the trust for me. >>>

I was supposed to get 23 dollars (because I turned 23) after reading each book. But for some reason, he added the money into each of the books.

I’m definitely using the money before I read the books lol.

Box 9 (An iPhone 13)

What???! This is so exciting. I wanted to get an iPhone 13 and I’m so glad I don’t have to use my money for it lol

Y’all should get ready for the mad pictures I’m going to take.

Box 10 (1 million naira)

If you follow the Nigerian way of writing dates, it would be 6/10/21 but if you follow the American format, it would be (10/06/21).

And he sent me 1 million, 62 thousand and 21 naira. So, it could fit into American format (10/06/21) of my birthday.”

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