A married woman identified as Calichica has recounted how anger almost cost her life and her husband’s life.

A Twitter user had taken to the platform to make a case for partners temper complimenting each other. According to the young man, two temperamental being should not be in a relationship, so that one can calm the other during an argument.

“I feel like in relationships, there’s only room for one mentally ill person, somebody gotta be stable..”, he tweeted.

Reacting to the man’s tweet Calichica who agrees with his opinion used her own relationship as an example.

She noted that she has been married to her husband for 10 years and he’s the calm who tries to balance their relationship.

She opened up on an heated argument they once had in the car, which out of annoyance she pulled the steering wheel and their car rammed into a truck.

Narrating the incident, she wrote,

“Look. This is why my husband is the person that balances our relationship. Because if were both as mentally unstable as I am, we would probably not even be alive.

Like, for real. I pulled the steering wheel once when we we were having an argument in the car. We crashed into a going 75mph. Truck was TOTALED. Emergency responders were SHOCKED that we weren’t hurt. I’m not the one to play with, but I appreciate so much the balance he provides”.