Popular Lagos socialite and interior decorator Ehi Ogbebor has reacted to rumours that she allegedly snatched someone’s husband.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported the lady married to Ehi Ogbebor’s new man revealed how the Lagos socialite snatched her husband, stating they are traditionally married.

In a chat with a controversial Instagram blogger Gistlovers, the man’s wife revealed they are still traditionally married, with three children and got married in the USA because of paperwork.

The lady also revealed that she and Ehi Ogbebor used to be close family friends adding that her husband had once warned her to stay away from Ehi, unknown to her that they are dating.

Reacting to this, Ehi Ogbebor, in a post shared on her Instagram story, said the ex-wife of her new man is using their kids to gain sympathy.

According to Ehi, her new man and his ex-wife broke up in 2018 due to reasons known to them, and she met the man two years after their divorce.

Ehi added that many other women had added the man before she met him hence questioned the ex-wife on why she is attempting to tarnish her image to make herself look good.

The popular Lagos Socialite refitted claimed that she was a close family friend to her new man and his ex-wife.

She wrote: Sad you are actually bringing the kids into this to gain sympathy…This man left you for reasons you both know in 2018.. I met him 2 years after while your divorce was on already…he has probably dated other women before we met…

Why nah my own dey pain you…I didn’t even know him while you guys were battling in court…tarnishing my image to make yourself look good won’t help u…Why not tell the world why he walked out of your marriage…this is my last comment on this…u n the evil blog keep deceiving gullible people.

Friends??? Lies…when the hate doesn’t work they start telling lies. Some people don’t even have a conscience…you know someone. I knew now, we were friends…relationship claimer do you even have my number???

Ehi and ex-wife