Popular Nigerian comedian, Toyin Baiyegun popularly known as Woli Arole, has urged people to stop worshipping others because they want to get help.

The comic actor who gave this advise in a post shared on his official Instagram page, stated that someone who is willing to help doesn’t need to be praise or worshipped before offering help to anyone.

According to him, even after all the hype and praise only people who want to help, will do so.

In his words,

“Who go help you go help you, who no help you no go help you. Stop worshipping people because of help.

My Daddy, My mummy, My kinikan, kinikan, My Mentor, My Father. See person wey no go HELP you no go HELP you. Shikena!!!!!”

In other news, Woli Arole has spoken out against fake prophets and pastors.

Arole who is known for his comedy style which involves him acting as a prophet, and he has now taken to social media to ask people to stop using the name of Jesus to scam others.

According to him on Twitter, some persons have commercialized Jesus to the extent they give fake prophecies.

”Stop scamming people in the NAME of JESUS, Stop it, Stop saying “this is what I see about you” when God didn’t show you anything, If you’re hungry go and look for job, start a trade and stop “COMMERCIALISM JESUS”, he wrote.