Constance Olatunde Wins Season 1 Of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt (DTH)

De9jaspirit Talent Hunt,  season 1 which oversaw the emergence of over 15,000 registrations nationwide and a total of 2,000 auditions, a diversity of contestants with talents ranging from contortions, magic, singing,  dance,  comedy, spray painting, freestyle rap and so much more. The 7 days contest which featured 50 contestants did birth Miss Constance Olatunde, a singer, as the first prize winner of the De9jaspirit Talent Hunt, 2021.

Constance Olatunde, the novel winner of the renowned contest hails from Ifepodun Local Government Area in Ekiti State, South Western Nigeria. She has been singing for the past 9 years; an unbridled singer with a pristine passion for her artistry and a burning desire to be lighted on stage where nothing else matters, save her angelic voice, her hands attached to the microphone coupled with a liberation of energy to tense even the most troubled mind.


Constance Olatunde Wins Season 1 Of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt (DTH)


The talented DTH 2021 winner, Constance Olatunde kickstarted her singing career officially in 2016 at an early age of 11. She featured in a myriad of events, instances which range from Foursquare Camp, Ajebo to countless musical concerts as well as weddings. She attests to have emerged  from a family of singers and noting in a statement she said “seeing my family sing was my ultimate inspiration because I developed an unending passion on seeing them sing in colourful tones” and one only need experience this flow of passion when in her first performance in the finals she sang the popular “Girl on Fire” song by Alicia Keys in the course of the contest.


Constance Olatunde Wins Season 1 Of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt (DTH)


Miss Constance Olatunde is a lover of R&B,  afropop and gospels. She is fuelled by an unquenchable urge to attain greater heights in her singing career, an endless passion to be heard beyond the shores and corners of Africa,  to light the world with her soprano as well as giving her very best. Her surge to the top has not been without hurdles as she attests to being extremely nervous from her second performance in the finals as the DJ could not find her song, a temporary dilemma of which she overcame and progressed through the stages of the event with massive votes on her side, to the finals where she emerged a first prize winner. Constance was aroused with ecstasy as the host of the event, Stephanie Coker declared her winner of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt, 2021.

The super talented Miss Constance Olatunde is now undeniably, the prized winner of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt, season 1. “I am so grateful to God that I am the winner of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt” she says in excitement. The prized 10 million naira, Constance says she is going to activate into furthering her education, building an admirable career as well as helping her mother and sisters. Miss Constance Olatunde is wholeheartedly thankful to De9jaspirit Talent Hunt for the platform to showcase her talents and urges young creative minds to never relent in their respective talent endeavours; a thousand miles they say, begins with only a step.

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Constance Olatunde Wins Season 1 Of De9jaspirit Talent Hunt (DTH)


De9jaspirit talent hunt serves as a platform where creative Nigerians are given a chance to push their talents to limelight. The just concluded season 1 is a virgin assurance that talented minds still roam the shores of this country; the upcoming season 2 will further prove the fact that even more talents embody our dear country.  To catch a glimpse of what talented minds, Nigeria is blessed with,  access the full video of our just concluded De9jaspirit talent hunt, season 1 on our Youtube channel “De9jaspirit Talent Hunt” and to be informed of our upcoming Season 2, 2022, Do well to follow us on Instagram and Facebook