Nollywood actress Joke Jigan has clashed with controversial Instagram blogger Gistlovers after being compared with Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunney popularly called Bobrisky.

Taking to her Instagram story, Joke Jigan warned the blogger stating the blogger can drag her and her entire family but never to be compared with Bobrisky.

Joke Jigan wrote: Ah! so I was on Gistlover?? pls I beg you in God’s name Gistlover!!! whatever you do in life, do not II repeat, do not compare me with anyone in this life, in fact, drag me, drag me existence and entire family but pls do not compare love and light abi na darkness and hatred sef.

Reacting to this, the blogger questioned Joke Jigan on what makes her different from Bobrisky as she is always fooling people on her Instagram page about her product being sold out.

According to the blogger, Joke Jigan’s body is filled with stretch marks, yet she sells stretch mark oil, adding she is using her celebrity status to scam people.

Jokelet Arindin why are you running???Why won’t I compare you with Bob???Una body be the same now,you f**ling yourself on your page saying you don sold out,lol with your stretch mark body you dey sell stretch mark oil, where is your conscience??

You wan use celebrity level take scam people abi?? Why won’t I compare you with Idris?? Shey because say I talk say I wan stop,all of Una Dey happy abiMy followers say make I no stop blogging o,say Una go use fake life kee them,now see this,Joke take time own don meet Una oo,GLB NATION say make I no stop say Una must hear word,so we meuveeeeee