Controversial Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunneye popularly called Bobrisky, took to his Instagram page to preach to his fans and followers about learning how to forgive.

Bobrisky has been in the news lately and dragged for his fake lifestyle, numerous debts, fake bank alerts and Instagram giveaways.

In the social media post, Bobrisky expressed displeasure about hearing other people pray and wish that their enemies die.

According to Bobrisky, people are free to drag him from now till next year but wishing his haters not to be on earth is a bad thing to say.

Bobrisky, who seemed to have learnt a couple of lessons for the past days, added that everyone is praying for long life, and it makes no sense to wish anyone death.

He wrote: Always learn to forgive when I hear a prayer like I want my enemies on this earth no more naaa is not that bad now! Feel free to drag me from now till next year is not a problem but wishing my haters not to be on this earth no more is not a good one to say. We are all praying for long life, so never wish anyone death, is not that bad.

Kemi Filani News recalls Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to list all his achievements and dares his critics to do the same if it is easy.

Bobrisky bragged about collecting the female gender from the actual owner and owning three amazing cars, including Range Rover, gle 43 Benz, and cla sport.

According to Bobrsky, he bought his first house three years ago, in Lekki Lagos, he is the most talked about in Africa and dates billionaires.

Bobrisky added that many women are constantly threatened by his look, however, if people feel if photo filters make him look cute, people should use their own filter too.