Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has said that there are concerns over the possibility of Boko Haram insurgents relocating from the North-East to the North-West.

El-Rufai stated this while speaking at the inaugural edition of the ‘Fountain Summit’, an event organised by the Ekiti government, on Thursday.

The Governor said all Nigerians should be concerned about security issues, irrespective of which region is more affected by insecurity.

El-Rufai added that although Kaduna is facing security challenges, investors are aware that their assets are safe.

“We have security challenges, but our investors know where their assets are and they know that those assets are safe and we’ve never seen the headlines of security affecting our inflow of investments,” he said.

“But we must work on improving security or more than that, we must stop this ‘us versus them’ mentality and collaborate more closely.

“Remember once upon a time, Boko Haram was only in north-east. Now, the biggest fear we have in the north-west is that they are relocating to the north-west because they are being chased out from the north-east by ISWAP.

“When they are chased out of the north-west, where do you think they will come? Somewhere else. It is something we should all be concerned about; not only federal and state collaboration, but also across the country.

“Don’t see what is happening in Kaduna and say it is not my problem. It will be your problem one day, unless it is solved.”