Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde has responded to a troll who has equated her popularity and worth in society to extravagant spending after she questioned the high cost of Asoebi in parties presently.

In a post shared, Jemima had lamented bitterly on how Asoebi is now worth more than gold in the market as she cries out to know why an Asoebi given to her is 75k.

She said: Why is aso ebi 75k? Why??

Taking to her Twitter page, the troll whose handle is Lhurd Rhymez told the actress to buy the 75k Asoebi regardless of how expensive it seems because she is an award-winning actress, who has a lot of money to spend.

The troll wrote: Are you not Jemima Osunde? Award winning Nollywood actress? You have money. Spend it.

Responding to the troll, she bashed him over his insensitive comment, stating that she is not working hard to earn money to buy such expensive cloth that might be worn once or twice.

She replied: Okayyyy that’s what I’m working hard to do with my money abi???

According to her, it is so sad that people think being popular makes one spend lavishly after toiling day and night to get money.