Bitch is so insecure. Had to fly to Abuja to be with him😂😂. If you have to be running after a man ALL YOUR LIFE, it only means one thing….. YOU ARE NOT SURE OF YOUR PLACE. Keep living in uncertainty and misery Annie. Suffering and smiling. Deep inside, it’s obvious you are dying slowly. For how long are you going to continue enduring this shit? Married to a Randy he-goat, who has a perpetual erection. How can one woman lack self worth and dignity??! TUFACE has succeeded in striping you of every fiber of self respect. You are totally dependent on him(including your family) or how do you explain your mum and siblings living with you in your matrimonial home??!! Oops I forgot!……. ANNIE IS A NOBODY WITHOUT TUFACE😏😏. Sad really smh smh smh

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