Several reactions have been generated as a troll sends a death wish message to the reality Tv star, Mercy Eke while on vacation in Morocco.

Taking to the photo-snapping app, the troll, who was identified as Jaeda dropped an insensitive comment about praying incessantly for Mercy to disappear from the face of the earth.

The Snapchat user wrote: Disappear from the face of the earth Olosho. I hoped you would be dead by now. God go answer my prayers soon.

I hope you die in Morocco

In response to the insensitive comment, the reality star had sent her enemy love despite wishing her dead while she prayed that God should keep the troll alive to continue watching her.

She wrote:

Wow it’s not deep now. God should keep you alive to keep watching me. May all your pain and sufferness turn to sweet and honey. I’m sending you love

Nigerians have blasted the Snapchat user for having such deep-rooted hatred for a human being like herself, while some stated it must have been a close friend of hers using a fake account to curse her since she is aware of her location.

See comments:

@plam.dorcy wrote: Definitely someone close to her using fake account

@omololad____ wrote: That’s not a follower…it’s a friend -tight one that knows her whereabouts

@araire98 wrote: Some people are just too bitter

@beckizzy_ wrote: What level of hatred is that 😮na wa oooo