Popular Nigerian international Filmmaker, Onyeka Nwelue has recalled a mysterious incident that happened to his family a few says back.

According to Onyeka Nwelue his paternal grandfather’s youngest brother, was supposed to be “laid to rest but he allegedly left the morgue so he would not be taken to church ‘against his will’.

He shared the story via his Instagram page. 
Onyeka Nwelue wrote: ” Yesterday, my paternal grandfather’s youngest brother, was supposed to be “laid to rest.” On getting to the morgue, his corpse could not be found. 

There was no funeral yesterday but I understand people still ate and drank and went home. 
I encouraged his son, not to work himself up, after reporting to the authorities. The morgue attendants claimed that the deceased, left the morgue on his own. 

If you read this in a book or saw it as a film, would you not call it fiction?
My grand uncle was 93 years old. What would anyone do with the corpse of a 93 year old. It’s mysterious and strange. 
However, I lived with him, when I was a teenager and I know that he was a traditionalist. He only attended church services to play the piano during services, because he loved it! Why they were trying to force his corpse to the church, is what I still don’t understand.

Also, I have my reservations about funerals. I do not attend funerals. I think if people die right now, they must be buried quickly. Funeral parties are for disgusting pigs. Especially, I can’t trust anyone who eats at funerals. 
I will keep you posted if the corpse is found but my family is in a dilemma. “